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Da One

Da One

Jaquan Smiley, a successful, young, bachelor just bumped into the gorgeous Chandra James inside Wal-Mart. He  has a successful business, fine cars, a beautiful home, and young, attractive women vying for his attention...but he's missing one thing- that special someone to she\are in his life.


The lovely, 40-something Chandra James is now living in Jackson, Mississippi, with her mother, trying to get her life back on track after escaping a volatile relationship with her ex-boyfriend in Memphis. She's not looking for a relationship-especially not one with a younger man. But Jaquan's kindness and persistence nearly sweeps her off her feet.


Despite their age difference, can Chandra be Da One Jaquan has been looking for all of his life? Or will Jaquan's overbearing, alcoholic, gold-digging mother succeed in coming between them? Moreover, will Chandra's ex-lover, Michael, who has vowed to kill her once he's released from prison, destroy everything? In order to have a chance at true happiness and find love in each other's arms, they must overcome all of the pitfalls and obstacles that come to test their relationship.


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When The Rage Came Out

When The Rage Came Out is a tale of how one man goes into an evil rage and becomes abusive after drinking alcohol.  Moses Wilson was that man. Coming home from being out drinking with friends, Moses would demand his stepson, Chad, to hay his cattle. When he complained, Moses twisted his arm. When Mary Wilson, Moses wife, found out her son was being abused, she immediately took him to stay with her parents. She felt she could withstand the verbal abuse from Moses. Mary found later Moses was having an affair with a  young woman at work. That hurt Mary so deep that she decided to separate from him. Being separated for a period of time she decided to file for divorce. That is when Moses lost all control.


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